All you need to know. Terms and conditions

AXIS - MOBILITY & HOLIDAY offers its customers premium vehicles and the guarantee of rental services at high quality standards. We want each of our customers to feel our attention to detail, to benefit from stress-free rental services, to experience the comfort, elegance and safety of the vehicles in our fleet. Our mission is easy to accomplish if each of us understands and respects the rights and obligations we assume by signing a Rental Agreement.

All the rental conditions in the Contract are presented below and we ask you to read them carefully before confirming the reservation of the desired vehicle.


The rental of a vehicle owned by Axis Classic Auto is based on the Rental Agreement, which also includes the Annex with Rental Conditions.

The rental can be done for a minimum period of 1 day (24 hours).

The documents you must present when picking up the car are:

  • identity card or passport
  • valid driving license, held for at least 12 months

If there is an additional driver, he must present an identity card / passport and a driving license, it will be mentioned in the Rental Agreement and he must be present when picking up the car.

We do not accept a copy of the driving license, proof of driving or expired driving license.

Axis Classic Auto will retain and attach to the contract a copy of your documents (identity card and driver's license) and additional drivers (if any), based on its legal obligation to verify the existence of the right to drive and provide this information to the state authorities in case of traffic events.

If the driving license of the lessee or the additional driver is not written in Latin characters, an international driving license is required.

Both renters and additional drivers must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license for at least 12 months.


AXIS CLASSIC AUTO SRL accepts payment by credit / debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard / Eurocard, Maestro.

The tenant must have a valid credit card, and an amount to cover the cost of renting and the performance guarantee must be available in the account of the credit card presented for rent. Credit card details will be taken at the time of rental to retain the guarantee.


The warranty represents the customer's responsibility for the car, under the conditions established by law. At the beginning of the rental period, the client is required to provide a security guarantee that is deducted from the credit card. The warranty is returned later after checking the body and technical condition of the car. For damages suffered by the vehicle through the fault of the customer, the additional driver, or with unknown author, the deposit is withheld in part or in full depending on the value of the damage and the communication between the customer and the company representative.

The amount will be returned on the same card used for paying, within a maximum of 30 working days from the end of the contractual period.


These services apply only during the contractual period. By purchasing protection services, you reduce the amount of financial liability in case of damage or theft of the vehicle. In the absence of the conclusion of these additional protection services, you are liable for the damages that are attributable to you within the limits of liability.

5. By accepting the reservation and signing the Rental Agreement, AXIS CLASSIC AUTO assumes the following obligations:

  1. to transmit to the Tenant the right of use over the vehicle for the contractual period by: handing over the vehicle, the keys and the documents necessary for the circulation in legal conditions and signing the delivery report, conditioned by the collection of the rent price;
  2. to replace the vehicle (subject to availability), in case of damage that cannot be repaired on the spot, if the damage is not the fault of the Tenant. If the damage is due to the Tenant, it will be requested to block a new guarantee for the delivery of a new car. If the Owner is unable to replace the Vehicle, the Tenant will be reimbursed the part related to the cost of rent calculated in proportion to the duration in which the vehicle could not be used, without other obligations on the part of the Owner;
  3. to return the warranty at the end of the contractual period, in proportion of 100% or reduced by the value of the additional fees / costs / services provided in this document, within a maximum of 30 days from the date of signing the report of taking over the vehicle .

By signing the Rent Agreement, the Tenant assumes the following obligations:

  1. to pay in advance the equivalent value of the rent for the entire contractual period;
  2. to constitute a warranty of good execution, which will be retained by the Owner, without any formality, for the total or partial settlement of any debt of the Tenant;
  3. to travel with the rented vehicle a maximum of 300 km per day or a maximum of 2000 km for the entire contractual period; To pay 0.7 euro / km for additional kilometers
  4. to pay an additional fee of 20 € if he requests the delivery of the Vehicle outside working hours.
  5. to ensure the integrity and security of the Vehicle and to be responsible for all risks regarding the Vehicle during the rental;
  6. to bear all expenses related to the use of the vehicle (fuel cost, highway taxes, bridge taxes, parking, etc.);
  7. to comply with the traffic rules, the legal regulations, the provisions of the rental contract, as well as, as the case may be, all the conditions imposed by the Insurer; be liable for any acts or deeds in connection with the rented vehicle, including the commission of offenses, misdemeanors, damages caused by such acts, the value of fines, damage to the vehicle or third parties, costs related to transport and / or immobilization of the vehicle, any claims of third parties related to events in which the vehicle was involved during the contract, etc.
  8. to have a responsible and non-conflicting conduct in traffic, understanding the fact that using the vehicle represents the image of the Owner and the Tenant;
  9. not to sublet the vehicle to third parties and not to allow the driving of the Vehicle rented by third parties except for the additional drivers mentioned in the Contract and for which the Tenant assumes full responsibility;
  10. not to leave the territory of Romania by Motor Vehicle without the express and prior express written consent of the Owner;
  11. not to leave the vehicle with the keys in contact, with the doors / windows / trunk open and not to leave the original documents inside the vehicle;
  12. not to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that may affect his concentration or ability to drive;
  13. to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel that it had at the beginning of the rental period (according to the delivery-receipt report). Otherwise, the Tenant agrees to pay for the missing fuel. No credit is granted for fuel in addition to the original quantity supplied by the Owner;
  14. notify the Owner within a maximum of 24 hours of any damage (theft, accident, damage, disappearance, etc.) concerning the Vehicle and take all measures required by law for such cases, as well as to limit the effects; In this case, the Tenant will deliver in max 3 days all the necessary documents for repairs (documents requested by the Police or the Insurer).
  15. To fully bear the damage caused, but not less than € 200 without VAT for each of the following situations found by the Owner when returning the Vehicle:
    • for the loss or damage of the documents / keys of the Vehicle;
    • for smoking or allowing to smoke inside the vehicle;
    • if the state of cleanliness at the time of return is not the same as at the time of taking over the vehicle;
    • if it has transported animals / birds without using special transport cages.
  16. to return the Vehicle to the address established in the Contract, at the time mentioned in the contract or with a maximum delay of 2 hours agreed in advance with the Owner, under penalty of payment of damages representing the value of the rental rate for one day, plus a fee of 300 € additional if the delay has not been previously agreed with the Owner.
  17. to keep the vehicle in perfect working order; If, upon the return of the Vehicle, the Owner will find non-conformities, they will be noted in the Takeover Minutes, and the Tenant will pay (or, as the case may be, will be deducted from the performance guarantee, as considered by the Owner) the equivalent value of the repairs / actions necessary to bring the Vehicle into conformity.


Once the contract is signed, the Tenant undertakes to use the vehicle according to its destination (passenger transport without a driver), not to use the vehicle for taxi, alternative transport - ridesharing, driving school, traffic in rough terrain, on forest roads, pushing or towing activities, racing, training, competitions, for the purpose of transporting dangerous substances or illegal activities, not to force and not to abusively / improperly operate the vehicle; The tenant has been informed that unauthorized changes, improper use or forcing of parameters in order to exceed performance lead to unjustified depreciation or damage to the car for which he will be liable to the Owner. In any case where the Owner finds in the restoration of the vehicle non-conformities or aspects arising from improper / abusive operation, the Owner will consider that the vehicle has been intentionally depreciated and will retain as damages full performance guarantee retained at the signing of the contract, and if the value of the damages is higher, the Tenant assumes their payment at the request of the Owner. If the rented car is seized or destroyed / damaged by the authorities or the Customer, following its use to obtain undue benefits from the transport of prohibited objects or substances or similar, the Tenant will pay the Owner the full value of the vehicle to which the rent is added per day until the price of the car is paid.


The client is informed about the fact that the Vehicle is equipped with a geolocation system, as well as about the consequence of not expressing the agreement in this respect, respectively the refusal of the Owner to conclude the contract; Also, when taking over the car, he will be explained how to use the car, he will be informed about the type of fuel needed and the situation of the additional insurance (whether he has it or not).


The contract terminates automatically, without other formalities and without the need for the intervention of an arbitral tribunal or the court (commission agreement), the Tenant having the obligation to return the vehicle to the Owner, in the following cases:

  1. by reaching the agreed date of the rent term;
  2. by written agreement of both parties;
  3. by unilateral termination by the Owner, with prior notice at least 24 hours before the date from which it is desired to terminate the contract.
  4. by unilateral termination by the Landlord, if the Tenant does not comply with any of its obligations under the Contract and does not comply within 1 day from the date on which it was notified to this effect by the Landlord.

Termination of the Contract will have no effect on the obligations already due between the parties. The tenant is rightly delayed in respect of any obligation assumed by the Contract.

Contract extension: The tenant must notify the landlord of the intention to extend the Contract at least 24 hours before the expiration of the Contract. The rental period is extended by signing a new contract, and the agreed rate is paid before the start of the extension period or within a maximum of 24 hours from the start.

Disputes arising out of or in connection with the Contract, including those relating to its interpretation, performance or termination, will be settled at the Owner's premises.


  • In order to be able to provide the model of the vehicle requested for rent, the Owner must process the following types of personal data: name, surname, contact details, identity card and driver's license data belonging to the driver / drivers, model of the motor vehicle - for the purpose of renting, respectively on the basis of its legal obligation to verify the existence of the right to drive and to provide this information to the state authorities in case of traffic events (art. 6 paragraph (1) letter b), respectively art. 6 para. (1) lit. c) of Regulation (EU) no. 679/2016.
  • The Owner also processes data on the geolocation of the vehicle during the rental period, based on his legitimate interest in ensuring that the vehicle is driven safely and that its integrity is not endangered (art. 6 para. (1) let. f) of Regulation (EU) no. 679/2016). If the Tenant does not want his data to be processed in this way, the Owner cannot make the requested vehicle available.
  • Personal data are collected and processed for a period of 1 year, in order to be able to respond to any subsequent requests due to the use of the vehicle (eg police, prosecutor's office, insurers, etc.). However, in the event of damage to the vehicle or is involved in an incident during the rental period, the data will be stored for the period necessary to resolve any disputes, damage cases, etc., plus a period of 5 years from their conclusion. To the extent that Union or national law provides for another storage period, legal provisions will have priority. The data regarding the geolocation of the vehicle are stored for a period of max. 6 months and are accessed if the integrity of the property is endangered (theft, exceeding the contractual term, leaving the territory of Romania, disconnection of the location system, suspicion of improper / abusive exploitation) or for non-compliance with contractual obligations.
  • The owner does not sell, does not transfer, does not disclose, does not allow access to the personal data of the Tenant to third parties that are not related to his activity. For any purposes other than those related to the execution of the Contract, the Owner may request the Tenant to complete / sign a Declaration of Consent for data processing.
  • The tenant has the right to request access to the rectification of data or the restriction of their processing and can do so at any time, by sending the request to He also has the right to file a complaint at any time regarding the manner in which personal data are processed to the Owner, at the above address, to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing or to the court.


IN CASE OF NON-PERFORMANCE OF CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS BY THE LEASER, it authorizes the Owner, by the effect of the present clause, TO USE, without any other formality, OWN MEANS FOR THE POSSESSION OF THE VEHICLE AND DECLARE that it waives any claim that would result from this action. Any obstruction on the part of the Tenant entitles the Owner to claim damages before the court. If the Owner enters into possession of the Vehicle in this way, the Tenant declares that the Owner is exonerated from any liability regarding any claims of the existence of his own movable property in the Vehicle belonging to the Tenant. Also, Chirasul expresses its agreement through the effect of the presence of the clause that the Owner to enter the property of the Tenant or in any space used by him for taking over the Vehicle for the purposes of this article. The tenant is aware that the non-return of the vehicle at the request of the Owner formulated under the terms of this contract, meets the elements of the crime of abuse of trust and that it is possible to file a criminal complaint against him, pursuant to art. 213 Penal Code.